Saturday, September 18, 2004

New Ad-Aware SE version out

Lavasoft released Ad-Aware SE version 1.05 yesterday. Users should upgrade their systems ASAP. Free versions can be downloaded via Lavasoft or one of it's mirror sites (ie, Major Geeks, CNET, TechConnect, or HNS). Users who have Ad-Aware Plus or Professional should use the same email information they received when upgrading from Build 6 to SE. If you deleted that email, then shame on you. Go to their forums, request a new user ID and password.

I don't see much of a difference in the new version. The change log says that the differences are minor. I did post a complaint on the Lavasoft forums regarding 2 issues: 1) I'm miffed that I had to reload the plugins for Ad-Aware after installing 1.05 - that should not be the case, and 2) Other settings that exist in previous versions should be carried over to 1.05 without me having to go back into the options and setting it up again (ie, which drives to custom scan, using Ad-Watch on start up, etc.)

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