Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Someone's reading!

Heh, yesterday I posted about the Gmail invites to give away. Thus far, one person has managed to email me. (Shawn's also asked for one, so that has lowered the number to 4 invites). The person who emailed me got an invite, as promised. He's a guy with his own blog site, which is very nice - describing mostly his personal experiences as a "smalltown boy" living in England. For the record, I asked Chip if "smalltown boy" was a reference to the Bronski Beat and he had to google them to find out who they were. *smile*

Chip's email was very cool and very kind. He complimented me on this site and said that he enjoyed it. It was very cool because, even though he used the "Next blog site" function of Blogger to find this spot, it's nice to know someone out there beyond my circle of friends is reading this - making it a slightly less masturbatory experience. Or, does it make this more of an exhibitionist experience, or both? Hm...must ponder.

Asking Chip about the possible Bronski Beat reference was a reminder that I approach my 40th birthday this year. Egads, what will I do for a party? Shawn was thinking of planning something, though I don't know if school has hijacked that yet.

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