Thursday, October 21, 2004

Bush has been one of those days when, for no apparent reason, I've been easy to set off. I don't particularly care for myself on such days. I feel like I'm coming down with something, but that is no excuse for my surly 'tude. In moments such as these, I find myself looking towards the internet for distraction, entertainment, and some place in a quiet room where I don't attempt to be an ass to someone else.

Unfortunately, the internet can be a place that is as disturbing as it is amusing. For every story I read about Godzilla getting a star on the Walk of Fame, there's a story about another lizard brain who commands police to fire on protesters of G.W. Bush in Jacksonville, Oregon. It's confirmed at a news site in Oregon. Adding insult to injury is the story about the National Park Service offering a book at the Grand Canyon which purports that the Canyon was created by the flood which Noah allegedly rode to fame, if not fortune. It's bad enough that we let people be fleeced in the name of religion by the likes of Robert Tilton and company, but should we allow our state parks to do so just because they see a revenue stream out of it?

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