Friday, October 29, 2004

Voter Suppression in Ohio and Florida

Those who watch the squawk shows see it every day. They are foaming at the mouth. Rabid, wild, mangey Republican hacks decrying the massive voter registration campaigns, especially in the swing states. They say that it's not fair, that the Democrats are lying and cheating. They are going to the courts and to county election board officials in order to prevent voters from participating in these elections. But, I ask you, dear reader, are the Republicans hypocrites?

Consider a case reported earlier here regarding Republicans tearing up voter registration cards in Nevada if the voter registered as a Democrat.

Or, how about this one from Ohio, where a Republican sought to have some registrations challenged (the person could vote, but only on a provisional ballot) only to find out that she may be charged with a felony for falsifying her statement.

Oh, and let's not stop there. The mud slinging has just begun! Here's another one from Ohio that seeks to prevent people from going to the polls in the first place.

And here's one from Florida, where a list has been compiled by the GOP of mostly black voters that they want to challenge. Unfortunately for them, emails of the lists were sent to the wrong web address: You can view the original emails online and note that some of them indicate that they are aware that what they are doing might be illegal.

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