Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Caffeinated Beer Bongs a no, no says Tacoma

The News Tribune:

Tacoma police could soon be arresting store clerks suspected of selling crack pipes and other drug paraphernalia as part of the city's continuing effort to quell drug use...

Under the proposed law, a store clerk could be charged with a gross misdemeanor for selling drug paraphernalia - water pipes commonly referred to as bongs, crack pipes, smoking masks, miniature cocaine spoons, cocaine freebase kits and glass pens, which can be used to smoke drugs...

Many of the drug paraphernalia items seem inconspicuous. One commonly sold item is the Love Rose - a 4-inch glass tube stuffed with a small rose.

However, when clerks sell the rose with a piece of Brillo pad, that's a crack pipe, police argue.

I guess this means that Tacoma will also be banning beer sold in cans as the cans may be used to make bongs. That would be bad for Tacoma residents as they will not be able to acquire one of Anheuser-Busch's new beers: a caffeinated sweet brew also fortified with ginseng and guarana. At least these sort of drinks are not addictive. (insert eye roll here)

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