Sunday, October 10, 2004


It was reported yesterday that Jacques Derrida had died. Derrida, 74, was a famous French deconstructionist philosopher. An interesting film about Derrida was made a couple of years ago. I got a chance to watch it on cable television's Sundance channel. It's very well done and is available on DVD. Ryuichi Sakamoto did the soundtrack. Like most of Sakamoto's soundtrack work, this music is very good in context of the film, but it's pretty abstract when taken in on it's own.

Michael Bérubé published an introduction to a class assignment reading and discussing an essay by Derrida that Bérubé wrote in 1991. It's a concise intro into some of Derrida's approach to language and communication or, as noted in the entry below, the hall of mirrors of the linguistic mind.

Hm, with blogging on the internet and the rich content it allows for, I wonder if I should take an even closer work at Derrida.

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