Friday, October 29, 2004

More on the missing explosives

Mr. Bush has certainly stepped into it this time. He's out on the campaign trail calling Kerry's charges of incompetance regarding the Iraq war in general and the missing explosives at Al Qaqaa, in particular, "wild accusations".

Yet, a Minneapolis television station yesterday reported that they had a film crew in that military base on April 18th and that they saw boxes of explosives there. You can now view some of their footage online. As good reader, Albatross, noted in comments yesterday, this station is not a bastion of liberalists. He should know. He lives in the area.

Now the NY Times has chimed in on the tale. They showed the video footage to none other than former Bush point man for inspections, David A. Kay. Attempting to maintain some credibility in the world, Mr. Kay had this to say,

"The photographs are consistent with what I know of Al Qaqaa," said David A. Kay, a former American official who led the recent hunt in Iraq for unconventional weapons and visited the vast site. "The damning thing is the seals. The Iraqis didn't use seals on anything. So I'm absolutely sure that's an I.A.E.A. seal."

As pointed out by NY Times editorial writer Paul Krugman, the criticism leveled by Mr. Kerry goes far beyond just Al Qaqaa. It's a good read. For instance,

"It's remarkable that the right-wingers who dominate cable news and talk radio are still complaining about a liberal stranglehold over the media. But, that absurdity aside, they're missing a crucial point: Al Qaqaa is hardly the only tale of incompetence and mendacity to break to the surface in the last few days. Here's a quick look at some of the others:

Letting Osama get away...

Letting Zarqawi get away..."

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