Sunday, October 31, 2004

Election day

Jesus fucking christ, baseball fans have taken over election day results. To explain: Baseball fans are the penultimate of taking a standard human trait to the extreme. The human trait? To make associations. It's one of the things that humans do best - whether or not you agree with the results. How do baseball fans fit in? Well, they are the sport that relies most upon statistics. Mind you, most of the people who quote the statistics haven't a fucking clue as to how irrelevant statistics might be as applied to the situation presented, but they are fond of pulling numbers out of their asses much like people who like to read horoscopes or read palms. Of the most goddamn idiotic things I have read from either party's hacks, this has to rank at the top.

News to pundits associated with political parties and the blogosphere: no matter what happens on November 2nd in the US, the world will go on. Now, I'm not saying that I'll necessarily like the results, but to be honest, I haven't liked the results of any election in the States since before my voting years...oh, I did like Clinton for about 2 weeks until he caved to the military over equal rights for homosexuals in the armed forces. So, to state it from my perspective, I'm used to being disappointed and I'm already prepared for that outcome. The question is really how disappointed will I be? And, given my experience, all sides should tone it down considerably.

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