Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dickie's Quickies

Gaze at the beautiful art of Mexican illustrator Federico Jordán.

Michael Palin's travel books are now online to read for free. The bummer is that they are in HTML pages, rather than downloads, but it's still nice to have access to them.

Want to publicly protest NYC subway searches? Try these nifty back packs with the Fourth Amendment printed on them along with the phrase, "I do not consent to this search!" Or, in a different twist, try the matching thong underwear with the phrase, "I consent to this search!" (via Boing Boing)

Richard Renaldi and his partner have taken photographs of themselves in hotel rooms that they've stayed in around the world over the past 6 years. Many of the photos are quite beautiful and offer an intimate look into a portion of their lives. Warning, NWS (not work safe). Check out some of Renaldi's other work (under "projects").

And I leave you with this commentary on DRM, Microsoft, and Intel. Here's a quote:

Intel has handed the keys to the digital media kingdom to several convicted monopolists who have no care at all for their customers. The excuse Intel gives you if you ask is that they are producing tools, and only tools, their use is not up to Intel. The problem here is that Intel has given the said tools to some of the most rapacious people on earth.

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