Monday, July 25, 2005

Nice weekend

Yes, indeed. It was a nice weekend out here in outer Monrovia. Friday saw a welcome, but surprising burst of rain in the day. I, of course, had decided that the odds were in the weatherman's favor and gave no thought to rain gear before I left the house in the morning for work. I had shaved my head Thursday afternoon and the water just slid off my clean top. I don't melt - yet.

Friday evening Shawn went out to work with a friend on her website for graduation. She's at least a year away from finishing, but seeing how schoolwork takes up her free time during the rest of the year, Shawn thought she'd get a start on things this summer. It's a smart plan. I filled my night by preparing apricots for more jam, setting some apricots aside for eating and giving away, cleaning up the house a little, and reading.

Saturday began a tad overcast, but the rain stayed away and redeemed the weather forecasters in the area. By afternoon it was sunny and warm with nary a cloud in the sky. We were having friends, Michael and Heather, by for their birthdays. Michael's was Saturday and Heather's was Sunday. They were hoping to celebrate their birthdays with a camping trip to Deception Pass, but plans fell through when they found out that there were no campsites available. Shawn and I discussed it and offered up our house and BBQ to those on the initial invites. We were happy when Michael called to accept.

Saturday morning and early afternoon found us scrambling to get everything ready. We finished cleaning house, bought a Bundt pan for a cake, made apricot jam and canned it, made baba ganoush, prepared a black bean salad, and got the BBQ going. Oh, and Shawn made that cake - a Grand Marnier Cake with Chocolate bits and it was terribly delicious. Michael called before he left the house to announce that he was picking up an ice cream cake, but we didn't get the message in time, so she made one anyhow. Heck, she wanted to make the cake and just was looking for the right excuse. Besides, she had to try out her new Bundt pan!

The party went well. Michael and Heather brought Rowan. Another couple brought their child as well. It was a small gathering. Having the children around kept the party under control - less drinking, lower volume levels on the stereo. It was good seeing some of Michael and Heather's other friends - something we seem to do every couple of years - though we missed out on seeing Leslie and her fiancé. The party wrapped up around 9 or so. Shawn and I finished cleaning up the kitchen and running the dishwasher around 10:30.

Sunday was the day to go out for sushi with Heather and Michael for their birthday. We didn't make it, sadly. It was a beautiful day and we were tired and wanted to relax around the house. Before breakfast, I got outside and attended to lawn mowing - the mowing I originally thought that I'd do on Friday. Shawn worked in the garden and picked peas and more zucchini. We relaxed on the back porch together and discussed plans for the rest of the day. After breakfast, we went out to see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". It was a good film in a lot of ways, though no better than the first film; just different. I enjoyed Johnnie Depp's performance and still am wondering who really thinks it had any basis in Michael Jackson. To my mind, I saw references to several kid show hosts, but never MJ.

On the way out of the film we found that Shawn had gotten sun burn again in the morning. For someone who has spent years properly chastising me to put sunscreen on my bald head, she still hasn't seemed to get the message herself. Poor thing. Lots of aloe for her for a few days.

We left the movie theater and went to Duvall to buy liquor. Sunday was the first day in decades that Washington state allowed liquor stores to open on a Sunday. Not all stores are open yet. Currently, private contracted stores can apply to be open and Duvall's was one of 35 to apply and receive permission. The state will open 20 of it's stores on Sundays beginning in September. We wanted to demonstrate our approval of the law change as well as show our support for Duvall's business by going down and spending some money at their store. Shawn got a bottle of Lillet and a bottle of Stoli Peach vodka.

The evening was spent cooking. I helped Shawn make a cake - a spice cake rather than the Grand Marnier one - and some cookies. Shawn had left over egg whites from a previous recipe that we needed to use up. Between doing that and working dinner in and doing some reading, my weekend was done. All in all, it was very pleasant.


Sleeve Consequences said...

Thanks again for hosting the all of us last weekend. We had a grand time and then some, despite the lack of frogs.

B.D. said...

It was our pleasure. Always good to see you. I hope we can do it again, soon.