Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mad Hot Ballroom

Yea, the fix is in with this film from the beginning. The story is simple: follow 3 classes of 11 year old boys and girls who take ballroom dancing classes with the possibility of competing in NYC's city wide competition. You know you're going to get cute kids comments about dancing, the ickiness of boys/girls, love, and puberty. You know you're going to get hilarious moments on the dance floor as these young, gangly bodies attempt to perfect the smooth moves of the merengue and the tango. You know you're going to get moments of conflict and the eventual tension of the competition. And yet, despite knowing all of this, Mad Hot Ballroom still manages to provide a delightful experience. We saw it last night and, along with the rest of the audience, laughed and giggled for 90 minutes. Well worth the cash and time.

It's been a movie weekend for us. On Friday, Shawn sent me to the video store to pick up some rentals. We enjoyed The Aquatic Life With Steve Sissou (more, I admit, than I thought that I would - thank you to Annie for the recommendation), A Dirty Shame by John Waters featuring Tracey Ullman (very good film), and loved Bad Education by Almodovar.

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