Thursday, July 14, 2005

Twofer from England

First, the serious one: The Telegraph is reporting online that forged documents were placed in a historical archive in England in an effort to re-write history. As Bruce Schneier notes,

It seems that the security effort at the National Archives is directed towards preventing people from removing documents.

In the second story, the BBC has this headline today: "Clinton Wades Into GTA Sex Storm". They are referring to Hillary Clinton, of course, which makes me want to add the following sub-header: "Lesbian overtones ensue; raincoats optional". (It's just a joke, folks). Seriously, this is exactly the type of non-issue politicians love to grandstand about. The public outcry will cause the game maker to deal with the issue appropriately therefore the politician is adding nothing to the resolution. It's also to be expected that Senator Clinton would speak on it, given her reported political aspirations (which I support, mind you) and her and her husband's track record. Remember, Mrs. Gore wanted to censor albums.

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