Friday, July 29, 2005

Dickie's Quickies is reporting that a woman from Utah won her appeal for a vanity license plate that reads: "GAYSROK". Good for her and good for the appeals board for their sound judgment.

As expected, the creator of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) presented a paper at the Black Hat conference outlining his plan for encrypting VoIP service. His code will be released next month. Initially it will be designed to work with an open source VoIP software. It is hoped that other companies will pick up on the idea and begin to secure our transmissions. I'm happy to see this is getting some attention. I use a VoIP (SunRocket), but I'd like to feel as if someone could not listen into my conversations easily.

Quite possibly, this site on the history of the 1967 Detroit and Newark uprisings is of interest only to me. Having lived in Detroit and it's environs for a number of years, I find the history fascinating. This was a seminal moment in the history of that city and one that has shaped the politics of that region since. The site presents a fairly balanced view of the subject. Anyone interested in the "turbulent" 60s, race relations, urban plight might also be interested.

Now for some Friday artwork. Jenny Hart presents portraits of people in embroidery. Warning: some of the portraits are not necessarily safe for work (as if embroidered tits were going to cause the world to fall apart).

For the Tiki-licious amongst you, and I know you're out there, please take the time to explore Kooch E-Koo. It's fabulous. The picture at the top of this post was borrowed from the site.

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