Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday Random Ten

I'm actually going to get this puppy out on time! Truth be known, it's only because the grass is wet and I cannot mow my lawn. Still, on time, even if it's twice within a few days:

1) Stan Ridgeway - "As I Went Out One Morning"

Lots of Stan Ridgeway this week. Not that this is a problem. Bi the way, his new album with his band, Drywall, comes out the second week of August.

2) dj BC and the Beastles - "Mad World Forever"

Yep, before djBC did the mashup of Philip Glass versus hip hop artists, he did this one of the Beatles versus the Beastie Boys. It has it's moments.

3) Habib Koite - "Kanawa" (live)

I can listen to him forever. His live album is definitely his best.

4) Frank O'Hara - Ode to Joy, To Hell With It

Beat poetry.

5) Ozomatli - "Dejame En Paz"

Playing in Seattle with Los Lonely Boys later this month. To my mind, that was the best line up for the shows on South Lake Union this year. Ozomatli will blow people's minds. Their last album was fantastic.

6) Afrocelts - "Ayub's Song/As You Were"

From their album, "Seed" and when they decided to be known by this name rather than the Afro Celt Sound System.

7) Ishmael Reed - "Sky Diving"

More Poetry.

8) NOWMASH - "Freaky No.5"

Mixing Missy Elliott with the song "Mambo No. 5" Pretty good.

9) Everything But The Girl - "Corcovado"

EBTG has been appearing a lot in my playlists. I need to get other artists on the 'puter.

10) E-Smoove - "The Guitar"

Excellent remix.

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