Saturday, July 09, 2005

Random Music list and Stange Sims

Before we get to the random music list this week, let me point you to this very strange Sims site. Now, I don't play with Sims, but I have friends that do and they like it a lot. If I were to play with Sims, then I might just have to have a nude veiny vampire or a boob art wall hanging in my arsenal.

The random mp3 list for the week (put your player on random and take the first ten tracks):

1) William S Burroughs - "From Here To Eternity" from Exterminator

I've got loads of Bill Burroughs on my PC. He's someone I can listen to for days and one of my favorite writers.

2) Yusef Lateef - "Blues For The Orient"

I found out about Yusef Lateef by accident. I came across this album online and liked it enough to buy it. It's a great record featuring some wonderful sax and flute solos.

3) Panjabi MC - "Jindi Mahi"

From the man credited with bringing Indian beats to the masses in dance records. This is a little more traditional.

4) Cabaret Voltaire - "Golden Halos"

From the grand old masters of noise dance. I love this band in most of it's phases. Whenever I walk away from them for some time, I come back and remember just how influential they were to dance and electronic music.

5) Asian Dub Foundation - "Powerlines"

Electronic music from one of the most prominent members of the Asian Underground scene. This is from their latest album, which is good.

6) Petit Jazz - Petit Jazz

I got this from a music blog site featuring African Music (Benn loxo du taccu). He doesn't even know who the artist is, so I made it eponymous. It's a great Congolese tune.

7) Bebel Gilberto - "Up Up And Away"

Easily the worst tune from Bebel Gilberto's latest album, which only makes it better than many, many other artists.

8) DJ Danger Mouse - "99 Problems"

From the acclaimed mash up of the Beatles versus JayZ. This is one of the better tracks on the album, despite JayZ's sexist rap.

9) Prozak For Lovers - "Aqualung"

Prozak For Lovers takes rock tunes and puts them to Bossa Nova and Samba beats in a mellow and inventive fashion. The re-working of this old Jethro Tull tune is quite nice.

10) Gotan Project - "Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)"

The famed team living in Paris from their latest album mixing tango with modern dance music.

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