Sunday, July 10, 2005

Training, Morning after pill should be free

Yesterday was supposed to be partly cloudy and sort of miserable. It turned out to be a lovely day. Shawn celebrated by working in the yard and adding new layers of sunburn to her back. I was exhausted yesterday and didn't get out much. Today, the forecast called for more rain, but once again it already looks like a beauty and it's only 6:50 AM. If the weather holds, I'll be mowing the yard today.

Microsoft has posted some free SQL Server 2005 training courses which will be up for the next 90 days. Take advantage of them if you can use them.

The Guardian UK has posted the results of a study on the use of emergency contraceptives. There's nothing surprising in these results, really. They just confirm what rational people have said about it's use since it's introduction. Once again, I'm left wondering why government should be actively involved in a woman making this medical decision for herself. A couple of choice quotes:

But a study published in the British Medical Journal last week shows there was no change in contraception use levels after the emergency pill became available over the counter four years ago.

Family planning experts said the study provided a strong argument for giving it free of charge in chemists to anyone who needed it.

...'These results suggest the predicted rise in unsafe sex has been overstated and supports the case for lifting the ban on over-the-counter sales in America and other countries,' said lead researcher Dr Cicely Marston.

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