Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Yeah! at Jazz Pour Tous posted an album by Michel Banabila the other day, VoizNoiz volume 3. As it turns out, I have a copy of the long out of print VoizNoiz volume 1 which Yeah! did not have. So, I've posted it over there and I offer it here as well.

This is an interesting album. It's comprised of many sampled voices remixed and resampled into songs that are primarily improvised by Banabila and friends. The results have been compared to Jon Hassell, Jean Michel Jarre's 'Zoolook', Eno/Byrne's 'My Life in the Bush of Ghosts', African Head Charge and more. The problem with categorizing this music is that so many different styles are represented on one disc. It begins with "jazz" moves to "space reggae" and takes off from there. Spread over 20 tracks, it's as if one were walking down the streets of a futuristic city where every block had it's own record store and represented a different culture. The overall effect is pretty fantastic. Link@192kbps:


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