Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dickie's Quickies

Protect yourself from spamware, spyware, malware with the SiteAdvisor plug in for IE and Firefox. Every little bit helps.

Following up on yesterday's comments about Iran, the Washington Times reports that elites in the country think that further pressure on it's current government may bolster it rather than take it down:
"If they keep piling on the pressure, Ahmadinejad will become a national hero," the newspaper editor said.
"Let the Iranians deal with him. If you leave him alone, he will become a bankrupt politician within a year. With greater pressure, only the extremists will benefit."
More on the FBI spying on anti-war activists.

David Cay Johnston of the NY Times writes on how utilities are collecting federal and state taxes from consumers and then keeping the money rather than passing it on to governments. It's legal in many states. Oregon has a law against this and the utilities are fighting mad about it. Bottom line: your money may not be going to where you think it is, but rather enriching ill-conceived ventures of wealthy board and stock investors.

Corporations are attempting to sway NJ lawmakers to pass a bill making it easier for them to discover who the person is behind an alias blogging name. They hope to use this information to squelch free speech and to sue.

The Pennsylvania AG has seized the hard drives of 4 PCs from a newspaper as part of a grand jury investigation into government leaks to reporters. Encrypt your data, folks.

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