Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dickie's Quickies

The Smoking Gun has a story of an Arizona sheriff, a lamb, and his neighbor, one Mr. Alan Goats. You know this isn't good.

YouTube has a wonderful real people recreation of the opening to The Simpsons.

Are we getting a lot closer to doing away with hard drives and replacing them with SD Cards in notebooks? Perhaps. Panasonic announced yesterday that they plan on bringing out a 4GB card this year using the new SD 2.0, or SDHD, standard. This standard will allow the disc capacity to reach an estimated 32GB. One of those could hold an OS and quite a few nifty apps.

The new Bush budget would eliminate a Census Bureau report that details the economic health of Americans. To be fair, the report is to be replaced by a new system which is less costly and more effective, but that system's design hasn't been worked out yet. Wanna bet it never gets worked out? That way we won't have those pesky reports from NGOs and universities on things like health care and poverty in America. Such details must really bring a wealthy person's day down.

Dan Savage has a new website: which stands for "Impeach The Mother Fucker Already". Go Dan, go. I don't always agree with Dan on what he considers an impeachable offense, but I do agree with the sentiment even if it leaves Cheney in power for a short time.

ĀµTorrent has a new client out. If you're not familiar it's an extremely light weight, but powerful Bit Torrent client. Highly recommended.

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John said...

Great Simpsons clip (though I'd of fattened up Chief Wigam a bit more and put a blue wig on Marge ;)