Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Art Blogging

Carsten Tschach photographs portraits of nude women. Some of his work is pretty creative. It's all quite well done.

Alain Aslan describes himself as an "intimate hyper-figurative" painter. His work is very nice and his collection of pin-ups are wonderful.

David Ho creates disturbing illustrations that are lovely in a nightmare way.

Evan B. Harris is an illustrator with a touch of Gorey in his work. His site is in Flash, so this was the one image I could grab. Definitely worth checking out.

Ewoud Broeksma is a photographer who works primarily with athletes. Pictured above is one in a series of photographs of speed skaters. Might need to have a towel around to wipe up after looking through his site.

Gianluca Costantini and Fabrizio Passarelli are illustrators who collaborate on the Arte del Delitto site. The top two pictures are by Passarelli from that site. The bottom 3 are from Constantini's site and the collaborative site (last one).

Jeffrey Scott's photography focuses on industrial and gothic subjects with a fair amount of PhotoShop work. He used to work with sculpture and painting. He found those mediums a bit too limiting for the other world visions he was attempting to create. His switch to photography has given him a freedom that he never had before. Amazing work.

Koren Shadmi's paintings and illustrations are in a word, gorgeous.

Light Worship is what it sounds like. It's a collection of photographs exploring the intersection of light and dark. The images present stark contrasts using a series of fetish and industrial subjects and a variety of photographers.

Marc Crisanti works on a variety of media using collage art techniques and painting. Check out two galleries. presents hundreds of old Soviet era posters from many decades and for many different messages, from commercial to military to social welfare categories. Hours of fun.

Sasha Barr does poster art. She'll be at an exhibit at SXSW this year. Check out her photo section which is also quite good.

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