Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dickie's Quickies

Just a couple today. First, for those looking for coverage of the shootings this past weekend in Seattle, The Stranger has a fine write up of the time line. Good writing. Good reporting.

Yesterday, I got in email a phishing scam note. It's the first one that I've received that could have been real. It looked like my bank's header, but I noticed in the corner that it wasn't my bank at all plus the link (viewed in the source code) was certainly not my bank's link (you should never click a link in email to your financial institution...always go to the site directly via a bookmark in your browser or by searching for the site). What to do? Well, I reported it to my bank, first. Secondly, an organization formed by Castle Cops and Sunbelt called PIRT announced their formation yesterday as a group that will combat such scams. I reported the email to them as well.

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