Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Slate is so cute

Sometimes, they really are. Take this headline from yesterday:
Invisible Men: Did Lindsay Graham and John Kyl mislead the Supreme Court?
It sounds just fine. As if the two Senators just made a minor slip up. Well, folks, back in my day we called that lying. Back in Bill Clinton's day, it was called perjury. Yet Slate decides to call it "misleading". I suppose that avoids judicial judgment and lawsuits, but when did that matter when it came to Clinton's behalf? I'm not an apologist for Clinton. However you'd think that since Kyl voted for impeachment on the perjury charge and Graham was one of the prosecutors, even they would see the hypocrisy in what they just did. I call for them to stand up, take personal responsibility, and admit that they perjured themselves, then pull their statements from the Supreme Court briefs.

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