Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The 'L' Word

We don't get premium cable. Hell, we don't even get cable. So it intrigues me sometimes to hear about the shows we're not seeing. Usually, if I have any interest at all, I'll just rent the DVDs when they come out. Actually, I prefer that method because then I can catch up with a minimum of commercials and I don't have to wait a week for the next installment (which I won't remember to watch because television programs do not matter that much to me to care).

One of the shows that I've heard/read plenty about was The L Word. I was leery of the positive reviews that I've heard regarding this show. Like most queer oriented entertainment these days I expected the worst - shallow characters, mostly middle to upper middle class, the basest stereotypes without diversity. Hm, perhaps that basically describes television in general and not just queer oriented television. Reading this post and this one confirmed my worst fears. I think I'll pass on the show. Clip from the second link (be sure to read the comments section):
i apologize for my language, but i really tried to give this show the benefit of the doubt. but i hate this piece of shit show. i advise all women of color, in solidarity, to please boycott this program. it does not need to make another season. we do not need to continue to support a show that insults us, degrades us, and exotifies us. at the expense of our degredation, ilene chaiken is making bank and it's making me sick.

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