Friday, March 24, 2006

More quickies

Yet another flaw found in IE...turn off active scripting until mid-2007, when Microsoft will get around to fixing the bug. (I kid, I keeeeed) Note: the link has instructions on how to turn off active scripting...Firefox and Opera and other users should do this as well if you're using Windows...plenty of programs launch IE automatically and if one of those programs is launched then it could set off a series of actions that could harm your machine.

When I read about these stories about company execs, particularly financial company execs, who are walking around with personal data on tens of thousands of employees, my first reaction is to ask why were they carrying that data around in the first place? (Actually, my first reaction is usually, did they have in encrypted). Well, according to El Reg, in the latest disclosure where reps from Fidelity lost a laptop containing the data on 80,000 HP employees, it was to impress the executives of HP. Mission accomplished. They left an impression alright.

Boing Boing reports that EMI has pulled a Sony in Brazil. Clip:
Brazilian mega-star Marisa Monte's new CDs from EMI ("Infinito Particular" and "Universo ao Meu Redor") come with DRM that can't be uninstalled, and requires you to "agree" to a contract that isn't published in Portuguese. Even if you disagree, the malware is installed. The DRM blocks you from playing the CD on Linux and MacOS, and from loading it onto an iPod.

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