Monday, March 27, 2006

'Trane coming to an end

Here it is, the last of John Coltrane's Live 'Trane: Underground.

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John Coltrane: Live 'Trane Underground final two discs and round up. It's been a long journey. The Live 'Trane: Underground project was conceived by Coltrane fans to put together a definitive document of the best recordings of the Coltrane European tours from 1960 through 1963. Beginning with the Miles Davis tour in '60 and ending in Stuttgart in 1963 these discs represent some of the best live performances (mostly) never released by major labels. There are many classic performances on this set and it is not to be missed. All of the mp3 files have been lovingly ripped at 320 kbps. Album art is enclosed with the last file download from each disc. First, a recap of what has come before. Then, a look at discs 11 and 12.

Disc one - 1960 with the M.D. Quintet in Germany featuring Davis, Coltrane, Kelly, Cobb, and Chambers:

Disc two - 1961 in Paris, Coltrane Quintet featuring Dolphy, Tyner, Workman, and Jones:

Disc three - 1961 in Paris and German with the Quintet (same line up as above):

Disc four - 1961 in Denmark with same line up as above:

Disc five - 1961 in Finland and Germany with the Quintet as above:

Disc six - 1961 in West Germany with the Quintet as above:

Disc seven - 1962 in Denmark with Quartet featuring Tyner, Jones, and Garrison:

Disc eight - 1962 in Denmark with Quartet featuring Tyner, Jones, and Garrison:

Disc nine - 1963 in Philadelphia and Denmark with the Quartet featuring Garrison, Haynes, and Tyner in Philly and Johns replacing Haynes in Denmark:

Disc ten - 1963 in Copenhagen and Paris featuring the Quartet in Denmark with Tyner, Garrison, and Jones and a trio in Paris with Garrison and Jones:

Disc eleven featuring Coltrane, Tyner, Garrison, and Jones recorded in Liederhalle, Stuttgart on Nov. 4, 1963:

1) The Promise (7:32)

2) Afro Blue (6:48)

3) I Want To Talk About You (10:42)

4) Impressions (28:52)

Disc twelve featuring the same group as disc 11 from the same venue and concert:

1) My Favorite Things (18:51)

2) Every Time We Say Goodbye (6:11)

3) Mr. P.C. (35:52) (a killer version)



Matthew said...

Long 'trane a'comin!

So when is the MP3 version getting released?

Signed Matthew Joseph.

B.D. said...

The links lead to the mp3 versions